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Upcoming campaign (starting Feb/Mar 2018): Athena Markides’ Trading & Adventuring Company

For the last three millennia, the inhabitants of the continents of Meleas, Vladios, Ifin, and Chalis have believed the great, dangerous ocean known as the Wild Expanse to be unnavigable. Between the never-ending storms that occasionally hit ground and decimate the coastlines, the many ships that set sail and never returned, and the enormous carcasses of terrifying sea creatures that wash up on shore from time to time, it’s not impossible to understand why they prefer to leave the Expanse alone. This does, however, make trade between the four landmasses a bit difficult. Magical conveyance is costly and can only transport so much at a time. Twice a year, the ocean recedes far enough for a month or two to reveal land bridges that connect Meleas to Vladios, Vladios to Ifin, and Ifin to Chalis, and while these periods of time are viewed with relief and joy in some circles (Chalis, mostly), there are also those who view them as opportunities to fill their coffers (Vladios, mostly).

All of this changes one fateful spring morning when two very unexpected things happen: 1) everyone on or near a coastline looks out to the Expanse and notes with more than a little astonishment that, for the first time in several thousand years, there is no storm over the waters, and 2) a ship sails into New Meadow Harbor on the southern edge of Vladios, captained by Athena Markides, who was the last person to attempt to cross the Expanse…over two centuries ago.

This isn’t all, either. Distracting from questions about how the hell she survived and lived for this long, Markides declares that she’s been living on an archipelago in the center of the Wild Expanse called the Radiant Enclave, and its government hired her to establish trade with and between each of the continents, providing her with ships and a port of her own on the largest of the islands, Zoren. In addition to opening negotiations with the various governing bodies in the continents, she’s also looking to hire crew for any and all of the routes – particularly for the longest and most dangerous route, the one between Meleas and Chalis, which passes by yet another new discovery about the Wild Expanse: the ever-growing Maelstrom.

Which, of course, is where all of you come in. :)

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